Meet Jamie

Hello, Friends!

My name is Jamie Schmalenberger and I joined the Castle Hall Creative team in April 2017, coming from my own graphic design company, Briar Rose Expressions.

I’ve always had a creative flair and a knack for design. Throughout my life, I’ve always sought an outlet for my creativity, whether I was crafting handmade gifts for family and friends, doodling fashion designs in my sketchbook, taking an art class, painting a canvas, or simply coloring in a coloring book.

In 2006, I graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Material Culture and Visual Style and a Concentration in American Material Cultural Studies. “What does that mean”, you ask? Good question. I always say that, based on my diverse coursework, it prepared me for a career working efficiently and effectively with my teammates in a creative environment.

After graduation I moved with my now-husband-then-boyfriend to Florida and went back to school to get my teaching degree. We moved to Melbourne, FL in 2007, got married in 2009, and had our first child in April 2011.

At that point, I excitedly became a Stay-at-Home Mom and decided to turn my creative hobbies into a little business. I began Briar Rose Expressions in July 2011. Briar Rose Expressions specializes in custom-created, fun, and unique graphic design for the individual to the small business, including: invitations, announcements, party decor, thank you cards, logo design, business cards, art prints, & more.

Project-Addicts Anonymous

Being that I’m a self-declared “projectaholic” (meaning I like to stay busy, starting and completing one project after another), I needed more. …More projects to fill my day and to fulfill my soul! So when my good friend Sara presented me with the opportunity to join her team for Pattie with Castle Hall Creative, I jumped on it! Sara and I are neighbors, but we met in the Fall of 2017 when both of our sons started Kindergarten. I was thrilled that she thought of me for the position and I was honored that Pattie trusted me to get the job done well! It was simply *kismet*.

I’m the type of person who loves to continue learning, growing, and experiencing. Castle Hall Creative is my newest career endeavor and I couldn’t be more excited about it! It came to me at just the right time, as I was regaining a sense of my authentic self and reconnecting with my passions.

My husband I have a super sweet son and a super silly daughter. Being a Mom is my top priority and main passion but I try to remember to give back to myself at times too.

A Turn of Events

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in June 2013 and it seems like a daily battle trying to understand this disease and what it means for me. There’s no denying that it presents frustrating limitations, but I’ve been trying to embrace my life and body as it is now and enjoy life despite of it. Therefore, I’ve found a pure joy in yoga and meditation, I’ve rediscovered my love for the mountains (actually, any outdoor space – shine the sun on my face and I’m happy), and I’ve been trying to live a much simpler, slower lifestyle with clean eating and healthy living.

I wear my heart on my sleeve (sometimes to a fault) because I believe that everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about and the more we’re open and honest with each other the more we can connect with one another and live harmoniously and happily. I believe that we should all *live, and let live* and *love, and let love*.

Castle Hall Creative + Me = 

As I design for Castle Hall Creative and communicate with our customers it is my hope that I will be able to provide an exceptional experience and create something extra special and personal in order to turn a moment into a wonderful memory. I want everyone who shops with Castle Hall Creative to love the details we add to their special occasions and to have a fantastic experience working with us.

After all, Castle Hall Creative is all about making every moment count – by making the most of the details!