7 Awesome Destination Bachelorette Themes

Destination Bachelorette Themes & Ideas That Will Blow Your Bride’s Mind

Thinking about getting away for the bachelorette but want something a little more unique than penis straws and the “Last Fling Before The Ring”? Check out our favorite themes (and their destinations!) to add to your hangover planning.

1. Let the Good Times Roll in New Orleans

  • Theme Idea 1: Let the good times roll bachelorette new orleansNOLA
  • Theme Idea 2: Babes & Beignets
  • Theme Idea 3: Brunch & Burlesque

For a culture immersion destination, it doesn’t get better than New Orleans. From jazz to good eats, burlesque shows, bourbon and big bands on the corner — don’t miss these hot spots while you’re there!

  • Best Rooftop Bars
  • JazzFest (Late April/Early May)
  • Group Burlesque Class
  • Night life:
    • Lucy’s in the Warehouse District
    • Molly’s at the Market
    • The Gold Mine in the French Quarter
    • Stroll down Bourbon Street — something is bound to catch your fancy
  • For live music: Head over to Frenchmen Street.
  • For Karaoke:  Kajun’s Pub on Saint Claude Avenue for karaoke.

2. The Bride’s Last Ride (to Boston)

Boston Bachelorette - Bride's Last RideThis one is especially cool for the foodie and history buff bride. Follow Paul Revere’s last ride through the Freedom Trail, take a foodie tour, laugh harder than you thought possible at Boston’s Improv Asylum — and of course make sure you check out the sites around Fenway.

For the music lovers, rent a party bus and hit up the arena for a concert!

Potential Swag for the Bride’s “Last Ride”

  • Dare Cards
  • Revolutionary Hats
  • Personalized Baseball Hats (& Jersey’s if you’re hitting a Red Sox game)

3. The Bride’s Last Ride … in Nashville, TN

Bride's Last Ride - NashvilleBroadway in downtown Nashville is where all the action is, so try to make sure you have walking distance (or easy commuting spots) so you don’t have to drive the group.

Must visit spots!!

  • Acme Feed & Seed (rooftop bar)
  • Tootsie’s
  • Paradise Park
  • Big Bang (Dueling Piano Bar)

When you’re done at the Grand Ole Opry and you’re ready for something a little more frisky…  Music City Male Revue is sure to get your squad blushing (oh yah know… very Magic Mike if ya know what we mean).

Potential Swag for “Last Ride”

  • Tshirts, tanks or hoodies
  • Boot cuffs (personalized of course)

4. Once Upon A Bride… at Disney! (Orlando, Florida)

  • Theme Idea 1: Beauty & Her Maids
  • Theme Idea 2: Party Mouse, BridesMouse and Mouse of Honor
  • Theme Idea 3: [Bride’s] Happily Ever After
  • Theme Idea 4: Bibbidi Bobbidi Bride

Think Disney is just for kids and families? Think again! Disney’s Epcot is an awesome spot to let your inner kids out while you’re eating and drinking around the world.

Disney Bachelorette Tshirts*Custom Request Tshirts From CastleHallCreative
Disney Bachelorette Can Coolie - Mouse Ears and Cold BeersCustom Request Can Coolies From CastleHallCreative

Epcot is the park that consists of 11 countries, built around a lake with their own restaurants, rides and bars. Germany actually looks like Germany — Mexico really looks like Mexico! Do not forget to get the churros in Mexico, and definitely go on the boat ride (Johnny Depp himself has pranked Disney-Goers on this ride!)

Check out these tips for planning your Perfectly Magical Epcot bachelorette here.

5. Get Nauti…cal on an All-Inclusive Cruise

  • Theme Idea 1: Get Nauti!
  • Theme Idea 2: Get Shipfaced!
  • Theme Idea 3: Mer-maids (of the Bride)
  • Theme Idea 4: Tropic Like It’s Hot

Cruises work great for groups — tickets are per person so there is no trying to figure out who owes who what… and they are particularly for those who are budget-conscious!

Most cruises are all-inclusive — which means (almost) every single on-ship activity and event is included and it covers alllll the food you can think to eat!! (so be kind to the bride and bridal party and don’t plan this without enough time to drop the 5 lbs you will gain from the all-you-can-eat-steak-and-lobster restaurant).

3 day/2 night Cruises can start at just $169 per person and drink packages (unlimited alcohol drink packages typically start at $50/day  — and don’t lie, you know you’ll spend more than that on your mimosa’s each morning) are available too to control that budget!

Check out these popular cruise lines for idea:

  • Carnival – Starts at $169 pp
  • Royal Carribbean (more diversity in age) – Starts at $199 pp
  • Norwegian **Includes an Open Bar Package on Most Cruises!** – Starts at $269 pp

6.  Take Your Mer-Maids To The Beach

  • Theme Idea 1: Mer-Maids (of the bride)
  • Theme Idea 2: Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

Relax on the sand, enjoy the views and wake up to the rolling tide and crashing waves. Beaches are the ultimate getaway that typically have something for everyone. Relaxation for the group who wants to get away… but also a great day and night scene for the party group.

Our Favorite Party Beaches To Think About:

  • Panama City, Florida (*Do not consider Panama City if you’re trying to just relax — this is a party crowd 🙂 *)
  • South Beach, Florida (aka SoBe)
  • San Diego, California
  • Tybee Island, Georgia
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
  • Cape May, New Jersey
  • Hilton Head, South Carolina
  • Key West, FL (not really a beach but definitely in the category!

And those amazing beaches just a quick flight or a cruise stop away…

  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • Havana, Cuba
  • Hawaii (might need to save this one for the Honeymoon…)

Potential Swag for “Mer-Maids”

  • Sunglasses
  • Beach Bags
  • Flip Flops
  • Passport Invitations
  • Swimsuit Coverups
  • Oversized Sunhats (with monograms, duh!)

7. “Warm Up” The Team for The Fit-Bride

  • Theme Idea 1: Team Bride
  • Theme Idea 2: Sweating for The Wedding

Warm Up the Bride Bachelorette Work OutFor the athlete bride who would can’t bear the idea of being without her CrossFit team for a few days — check out these fun ideas to keep her active (and a beer in everyone’s hand.)

  • Get into your active wear and go on a bar crawl.
    Get strangers to help you out with your beer exercises. Don’t forget to take tons of pictures of this — they also make incredible Boomerangs.

Extreme Workout Poster – Courtesy of SeanStell.com –  http://seanstell.com/the-pub-las-vegas-beer-workout

5 Tips for the Best Family Photo Shoot Ever

The hubby and I are taking our annual family photos as part of our 10 year anniversary celebrations this year and we’re taking our 18 month old and our 5 year old along. YIKES!

It’s not our first time taking family photos, but it is our first time taking a toddler and a first-grader to an out-of-town location to shoot photos for more than just a few minutes. I’m falling back on my previous experiences to plan for said photo shoot and I’ll be keeping the following in mind:

1. Choose the right location

Location, location, location… Pinterest is full of family photos taken at the beach, in a field of wild flowers, even along the side of an old barn. They look great, but before trying to recreate these images, ask yourself “Will my kids do well there?”

We’ve taken beautiful photos on the river in the past and I didn’t follow this tip. I was about 8 months pregnant and I had a 4 year old with me. We had to walk about a half a mile to get to the “perfect” photo spot that our photographer had found. We were mid-way through the walk and my husband was already carrying my 4 year old when it started to rain. Ugh. We should’ve chosen a more convenient location. Lesson learned.

This year we are going to a park. We will park in the parking lot and walk about 6 yards to the location. Perfect.

2. Time it right

Hungry, tired or rushed people tend to look hungry, tired or frazzled in pictures. Timing is everything. Everyone should have time to get ready and eat a meal and small children shouldn’t have to stay up late or skip a nap.

We like about 10 am. The morning light is still pretty, we’ve all had time to get ready and eat some food, and the baby can take her nap right as we finish up. Plus, we still have the whole rest of the day to look fancy!

3. Pack distractions

With small kids, I always plan for the “Mom, I’m bored!” moments. I try to keep family photos fun and upbeat so that the smiles aren’t forced. As a bonus, we always end up with great shots of our family playing and laughing together!

My Favorite Distractions for Little One:

  1. Bubbles: This year we are bringing bubble guns. I think they’ll look great in the photos and the kids can have fun playing with them together.
  2. A Ball: Again, great for photos, but also helpful to distract father and son while I take pictures with the baby.
  3. A Favorite Toy: It’s so nice that every year when we do these, we’re also documenting our children’s favorite toys! I love looking back and seeing what my son chose to bring in years past.
  4. Clean Snacks: My kids will always sit still for snacks! The trick is choosing clean snacks since they’ll be all dressed up. Some of my favorite clean snacks are: raisins, cereal, squeeze yogurts or applesauce and gum (for the older kids.)

4. Plan for accidents

Accidents happen, but if you plan for them, there’s no stress when they do!

I always have a backup outfit for the kids because, well, they’re kids. I also bring extra make-up and a hairbrush for touch-ups.

After a few photo shoots with small kids I have learned that I also need band-aids, stickers, and even a lollipop or two. If someone falls, I try the band-aid first, then the sticker, then the lollipop.

Other accidents to plan for: Bad weather, Someone running late or a last-minute location change (have a back-up in mind!) 

5. Keep it real

At the end of the day, you’re going to get pictures of your family. If you end up with pictures of a wet, tired, pregnant mom (Been there!) you still end up with pictures of your family. Try not to stress about it being perfect and plan on it looking like your real life. It takes a huge amount of pressure off and it helps make the whole experience more enjoyable!

Do you have tips to share? Comment below!

Real Weddings: Ring Security & Missing Rings

A Chicago bride contacted us just 3 short weeks ago with a last minute request to have a ring security badge made for her oh-so-adorable ring bearer, Wyatt.

From Last Minute to Lasting Memory

As a former bride myself who had an Etsy shop save me with a last minute request before my wedding, I always do everything I can to make the emergencies happen!

It is also this particular bride who just totally made my night and reminded me of why I really love running Castle Hall Creative — because I get to play even the tiniest part in that moment for brides and grooms they will remember and cherish for years to come.

Here’s the note we just received from Crystal today:

I posted my review on how great this item was but wanted to thank you personally.

My nephew loved his badge & glasses. He even wore the badge to school when we got back.

Funny part is during the ceremony when he handed the rings to my husband, the box was empty. Wyatt immediately turned to the best man worried but I assured him it was ok.

Turns out the box I had given him was empty. Our photographer had taken the rings for pictures and didn’t put the velvet box back into the other box. It was perfect and the rest of the ceremony was more relaxed.

Thank you again!
Crystal Hall

Side note, did I mention how awesome “Hall” brides must be? 🙂 No bias of course, since I’m a Hall myself.

And of course, here’s the great picture of Wyatt nailing his security duties down the aisle!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Matt Hall!

Ring Bearer Wyatt Plays the Role of Ring Security at Crystal's Wedding

Wyatt Plays the Role of Ring Security at Crystal & Matt’s February Wedding.





The Best Wedding Planning Spreadsheet. Ever.

Ok so maybe I’m a little bias! It’s the one I created after all.

We’ve all been there. Or maybe you’re getting there right now (in which case… CONGRATS!!! Let’s see that rock, please show it off in the comments below!). That moment where the initial high of carrying around that extra bling on your hand sets in and you realize you have no idea where to start.

The Three Wedding Planning Checklists You Need.

Free Wedding Planning Downloads:

Buried in Wedding Planning BooksWhen I planned my own wedding, the first thing I did was what every newly engaged sane person would do. I grabbed my keys and drove as fast as I could to Barnes & Nobles with a huge Starbucks latte. I just knew I was going to find the ultimate wedding planning guide and gosh darnnit if I wasn’t going to have a checklist and to-do’s for everyone and probably half my vendors by the time I got to the last page.

So once I got there…

I went into the wedding section and found about 100 different options. Specialty guides for the DIY couple, for the lesbian brides, for the gay brides, for the Asian bride who wants to wear white instead of red — you name it, it’s there. But you know what wasn’t there? Anything digestible.

That’s right. Not one thing that actually simplifies or helps you in any remote way.

I found myself buying 6 planning books that day. Yep, SIX. Crazy, right? But each one had that “one” thing I thought I needed so I ended up taking those 6 and ripping the pages I needed and made my own little wedding scrapbook-ish binder. And life was perfect almost $300 later.

You Spent HOW MUCH on that?

So if you gasped at that $300 on wedding books, you might pass out when you start counting all random itty bitty unexpected costs that start popping up that no one tells you about.

For example, the size of your invitation response envelope. Did you know those adorable little perfect gift-card-sized envelopes that weigh next to nothing and should have a first-class stamp on that sucker, it actually is “too small” and costs WAY more? As in almost $2.00 more. Per Envelope. #DIYfail.

Check here for USPS postage guidelines. Thank me later.

What Do I Need To Know About Planning a Wedding Anyways?

Honestly it really does boil down to a couple things:

  • Budget: Here’s the thing. Weddings are expensive. Like, driving a brand new car off a cliff expensive. The average wedding with 125 guests today costs between $30,000 and $50,000. Find a number that works for you and as you work your “must-haves” into that budget, you’ll start to figure out how many people you can include in your big day or what you need to forego.
  • Must-Haves: Each of you pick no more than 3. This is about both of you coming together and making the day that describes BOTH of you.
  • Your blue sky wedding day: this is the “everything you dreamed of and more” so you can start chipping away at it until you get it to something you love, but can reasonably afford)
  • Canned Responses: This is your golden nugget. It will be especially helpful when people start suggesting what you need on your day. Start practicing “Oh gosh that is interesting! I’ll have to look into it and see if that’s something that works for us”. They feel acknowledged and you have committed to nothing.

Once you get a handle on that pesky budget, the planning is so much easier and is (wait for it) actually enjoyable. You will look back on this time and be nostalgic, and if not for the final price tag — totally ready to plan another one.

My Checklist Gifts To You – Let’s Save You $300

Since our wedding, I’ve reflected on and gathered all the things I learned to help friends and peers who began their own wedding process. I’ve even had the honor of coordinating a number of friends weddings. Since then, I’ve refined and simplified everything you need to know and check off that list for a fantastic best day ever.

Below you will find the links to 3 free downloads — hope they help you on this amazing journey to your best day ever!

Free Wedding Tracking Downloads

In the Central Florida or Palm Coast area?
We can coordinate and plan events from birthday parties to bat/bar mitzvah’s and weddings. Packages start as low as $500. Contact us for a quote!